A Gartner survey found a reversal among U.S. workers wanting AI or robotics in the workplace. (Source: Gartner)

Is High Tech May Be Winning the Hearts and Minds of Employees for Reducing Repetitive Tasks

What was once a huge fear for American workers has now become more welcome. We are talking about robots and the use of AI in the workplace. Unions and employers worried along with the employees about the impact. A new article by Martin Armstrong for statista.com has some startling numbers to take a look at.

A Gartner survey of American workers has some interesting results.

It seems instead of being afraid of progress, 70% of workers want to involve high-tech tools in their jobs. Using robotics and AI to assist with their projects is now the popular response.

And a certain percentage of those surveyed wanted nothing to do with high-tech assistants. They cited security and privacy as major concerns.

But, as reported by VentureBeat:

” ‘Among survey respondents who did not want to use AI at work, privacy and security concerns were cited as the top two reasons for declining AI.’ To help convince these workers, Gartner recommends, ‘that IT leaders interested in using AI solutions in the workplace gain support for this technology by demonstrating that AI is not meant to replace or take over the workforce. Rather, it can help workers be more effective and work on higher-value tasks.’ “

Using the latest in technology seems like a win-win to most people. Take a look and see what you think and how you might answer the same survey.

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