Andrew Ng has big plans for Landing AI as a resource for smaller manufacturers. (Source:

Ng Wants to Bring a Simpler AI to All Sizes of the Manufacturing Sector

Andrew Ng, former Google and Baidu AI guru, explained in article on that he’s a key backer of Landing AI along with several high dollar Series A investors, who raised $57 million to create “data-centric AI for manufacturers.”

“We kicked off the data-centric AI movement and are quite pleased that other companies have started talking about it,” he told TechCrunch. “In manufacturing, every factory does something different, so the problem becomes how we can help 10,000 manufacturers build 10,000 different models without having to hire a lot of manpower.”

According to a McKinsey study, AI is expected to have a 13 TRILLION dollar effect on the economy by 2030. Nine years doesn’t leave NG a lot of time to improve on his machine learning operating tools.

Landing AI has made strides in building its product, but Ng said the company is still in the early stages of the data-centric AI movement and wants to make additional progress and innovate on some technology that is still missing.

For example, while previously building a speech recognition system with 350 million data points, he found that AI technology invented for that many data points does not work as well in manufacturing settings with limited images to find defects. Part of the data-centric movement is to develop tools to help domain experts by utilizing less than 50 images to provide a clearer example of what is a defect.

“We’ve reached a point where it is working and we are eager to scale everything,” Ng said. “We’ve been fascinated for years on how to crack the recipe and take AI to other industries, and we are finally getting there with data-centric AI.”

The money and the drive that Ng has displayed over decades in high tech increases the odds that he will turn Landing AI into the next big thing for all sizes of businesses.