Adding AI to Kawasaki motorcycles will improve performance, give drivers more system control. (Source: Kawasaki)

Kawasaki Introduces AI-Driven Motorcycles with Intercom Communication

Sathurshana, a mechanical engineer with an addiction to the smell of petrol and loves anything automotive, has written an interesting article for a site called

Most likely this writer works for Kawasaki,  but the article is none less mind-blowing to this former bike rider. These bikes have been upgraded with AI.

Earlier last week Kawasaki unveiled its updated 2021 model range in foreign markets. Following this, Kawasaki featured a video highlighting the brand’s involvement and progress in the development of hybrid powertrain and artificial intelligence for motorcycles.

The first video showcases Kawasaki’s hybrid powertrain system which works hand in hand with the brand’s “Rideology” ecosystem.  This system switches the bike’s power source based on the riding situation. It consists of three modes, Engine Power, Electric Power and Hybrid Power. On the highways, the system makes the motorcycle run on power from the combustion engine, and in cities, it shifts the power source to electric from the electric motor. The third hybrid power mode comes into play on winding roads to provide a sporty ride. Conclusively the purpose of this concept is to maintain a perfect balance of performance as well as environmental performance.

A  second video in the article titled “Kawasaki Rideology meets Artificial Intelligence” showcases Kawasaki’s AI-infused three-wheeled “J Concept” from 2013 and the brand’s progress in Artificial Intelligence/AI assist for motorcycles. Similar to the hybrid powertrain, the AI system works with Kawasaki’s Rideology app. This concept allows two-way communication between the rider and the motorcycle, sort of like Siri and Google assistant. Via this AI system, the rider can communicate with the motorcycle to access both the machine information and web-based information.

It has an intercom system connecting to the AI that the rider can use much like Alexa.