Reports Say There Will Be 8 Sensors That Will Respond to Swipes and Waves

Improvements on Moto Razr May Improve Competitiveness has an interesting recent article on the Moto Razr. Not being familiar with the Razr I was amazed at some of the changes that Motorola has introduced, or re-introduced since part of the phone folds up like the older models used to. But this model has a foldable screen. Back in February of this year, reviewed the Moto Razr and they found they were taken with its nostalgic design but completely disappointed in terms of its specs and user experience, while the more impressive Samsung Galaxy Z Flip easily won their Motorola Razr vs Galaxy Z Flip comparison.

Now Motorola is rushing out the latest version of the Razr.  What is surprising is a reported September launch for the Razr 2, just seven months after the original release date. That’s a very quick turnaround to fix the Razr’s many issues. a ‘new iteration’ of the Razr – would launch sometime in September, according to a podcast interview first picked up by Android Authority.

According to an XDA Developers source, the 2020 Razr, codenamed “smith,” will run on a Snapdragon 765 chip with a Snapdragon X52 5G modem, lining up the Motorola Razr 2 to be a 5G phone.  Reports suggest Samsung’s new 5G foldable phone will use the Snapdragon 865 chip when it launches – also due later this year.

I personally enjoyed flip phones of folded phones because they fit in my front pants pocket easier than my current smartphone, which does not fold. The Moto Razr 2 specs reportedly include improved cameras, battery capacity and RAM.

Another problem area in a previous review was its 16MP rear and 5MP selfie cameras. The new model will launch with a 48MP rear camera with an ISOCELL Bright GM1 sensor from Samsung and a 20MP front camera. And it remains to be seen what the price tag will end up being set at.

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