New Advances In Agri-Bots

Rise in Agricultural Production Hinges on Bots

The world population is expected to hit a whopping number of 9 billion by 2050. What is expected to follow is a dramatic rise in agricultural production, doubling to meet the coming demand. This need has caused farmers to turn to robotics as a solution for the future. Various industries are using robotics to disrupt their respective industries.

Customer service, packaging and shipping, manufacturing, and transportation are all buying more robot employees. Due to the growing population, rise of AI and new developments in robotics, agribusiness has embraced robotics.

From nursery planting to shepherding and herding, here are some of the robots already in agriculture.

Powered by the sun, this lightweight GPS, fully autonomous drone has the ability to use its solar power to run all day. The robot uses its complex camera system to target and spray weeds. Because of its very precise arms, the robot uses 90% less herbicide, making it 30% cheaper than traditional treatments. A fleet of these robots could easily replace human farm labor down the road.

Naio Technologies have a host of robots that not only act as the perfect farm hand using techniques that preserve and protect the local environment.

Drones will play a huge role in monitoring large areas of crops. Agribotix is a low-cost tool for farmers, to collect crop data over time, or in real-time. From taking precise aerial photos to recording video, the company’s collection of drones even has infrared sensors that can measure the health of crops while in the air.

These are only examples of three of nine bots already working in the fields.