Micron Technology CEO Sanjay Mehrotra speaks at Techonomy 2018. Stephen Shankland/CNET

AI Uses to Expand from Spam Filtering to Health Support

Micron Technology CEO Sanjay Mehrotra told attendees at a San Francisco area conference, Techonomy 2018, that AI will improve our lives in many ways–ranging from screening spam to IDing your mother to scanning poop to give you feedback that might save you a trip to the doctor.

“Medicine is going toward precision medicine and precision health,” Mehrotra said. “Imagine smart toilets in the future that will be analyzing human waste in real time every day. You don’t need to be going to visit a physician every six months. If any sign of disease starts showing up, you’ll be able to catch it much faster because of urine analysis and stool analysis.”

Medicine already is being changed by AI, technology that uses human-inspired technology called neural networks to spot various types of patterns. AI systems, once trained on large quantities of carefully labeled real-world data, can do things like spot evidence of diabetes in retina imagery and process X-ray scans.