Using Tech, Caravan Can Be Tracked & Humanely Helped

As many as 3,000 to 7,000 Hondurans, depending on which figures are accurate, have been reported walking across Mexico hoping to reach America. They’re mostly skinny and without possessions, except what they can individually carry. Their lives had become so dangerous, unprosperous and threatened by corruption that they were no longer able to stand the situation in their homeland. Couple that with the fact that there are unprecedented eruptions of volcanos, seen towering over nearly all Central American nations, and the Ring Of Fire adds even more desperation to their situation.

Equally disturbing is the undeniable corporate bohica most foreign nations found useful for building the huge entities like Dole, Chiquita Banana, U.S. Sugar, Inc., and many more. Great companies that tossed a little portion (remarkably teeny on the whole) of their mammoth profits to the local folks for the unfettered use of their nation’s natural resources. Yes, it was good for America and assorted civilized countries, but it left these already poquito-sized countries with little understanding of how their natural blessings might be turned into industries that would sustain their populations.

The Big Enchiladas of Capitalism, the so-called multinational corporations, could have and should have been Central and South America’s answer to a shared economic success, but that’s not how it played out. In many ways, these American corporations invaded those places and made them worse. Now some of the residents who gained no economic advantage from their raid are invading back.

So here’s the answer to the caravan problem. We need to get bands like Los Lobos, or J-Lo or somebody the kids like, such as Taylor Swift and her BFF Kanye West, then get them to hold a concert. Bada-Boom, Bada-Bing, that leads to network coverage, satellites and those PC Matic band guys.

Alright, so we’ve raised some millions. Next we buy lots of tents. Most for the immigrants; some for lawyers, paralegals and other staff. Then some portable legal hearing facilities for judges who are needed to process a few thousand asylum applications.

Next we need supplies to feed our “guests.” I would invite Mexico to help partner in this immigration solution. We parlay our supplies over to some acres on Mexico’s side, and they can keep some of the proceeds from the rental of the property and tents. Now the technical part. These “guests” should be kept comfortable until they are accepted into the country or chipped.

The applicants could speed up their process by agreeing to have a tracking chip implanted in their hand or wrist, like some  Swedes use to pay for train rides, for instance. Then we’d know where every single one of these prospective ‘Mericans are at all times, 24/7/365. They can buy things at the Refugee Store with a swipe of los manos.

Here’s how I picture the headline:

 U.S. to Treat Refugees Like Human Beings.

Here’s the story: “A spokesman for the U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Department said, “Our very own beloved Pilgrims were at death’s door from hunger after they immigrated. And somehow, instead of being grumpy and standoffish, the local folks knew how the bountiful life was built and didn’t mind sharing their info about fish and corn. They also knew how to treat their fellow humans. It seems the red neighbors, had resided upon this land for a really long time. Before the Mayflower moved these religious zealots and anti-social types into the native’s hood. At that time, the Native Nations were just like the U.S. today. They called the shots and they decided to try to find some human ground for both sides to stand on. So we of the U.S. Homeland Security Dept. and the State Dept., decided to do it like the original occupants of the land did. We will get them through the process, we will make fair judgments on their individual cases, and if they must return to their home country, we can provide trucks, or busses to take them home, and Mexico keeps the change.”

So here’s the plan in a nutshell:

1. Make Money from Music
2. Build camps or staging grounds in Mexico, erect and maintain serviceable and safe conditions. Maybe a dance on Saturday nights for fun and profits, split with immigrants and the host government.
3. Issue, implant and monitorf basic AI chips for ID, banking and security control of applicants.
4. Keep profiteers away from the process. They’re already raking in money from jailing immigrant children in tent cities.

This humanitarian/legal assistance seeking operation won’t be painless, but will be far less expensive, far less fascist in nature to many, and it should calm some of those folks who are the most paranoid about this so-called “invasion.”

Being helpful and empathetic to our fellow man is not hard, it’s not complicated, it doesn’t require a corporate structure to administer justice and reap the profits. All it takes is some wonderful technology and some planning. Our country should be able to figure out how to lead from a position of fairness with a policy of being good to others.

After all, our history is one of welcoming immigrants and building this country on their hard work and innovation, from Steve Jobs, the son of a Syrian immigrant to Elon Musk, an immigrant himself. What could be more American?