No lines, no checkout–just grab and go–that’s how the new Amazon Go store works, featuring the world’s most advanced shopping technology. Watch the video:

Already up and running in Seattle, the store’s only similar competition is a similar Sam’s Club app.

So whether you choose Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” app or Sam’s Club’s “Scan and Go” app, the future of grocery shopping has arrived in a hurry.

According to Amazon, the company still employs crews of humans to prepare ready-to-eat foods, stock shelves and assist customers. The only question is, will convenience be enough to attract shoppers, or will they miss additional interactions with store cashiers?

A 27-year-old co-worker said he would like to be the kind of person that would, “Support human interactions with one another while shopping, but in all honesty, I already use the self-serve check-out line most of the time.”

So an upgrade to complete “Just Walk Out” shopping will be just fine with him, since he usually just grabs a few items at a time, definitely making for an even quicker shopping trip.


Sam’s Club introduced its SCAN and GO app in 2016, as described in the link below.