OpenAI has a new offering called ChatGPT, which shows tremendous promise.

OpenAI’s New Chatbot Supercedes Others with the Ability to Converse

Alex Kantrowitz, a writer for, composed a gushing piece about a new chatbot taking several industries by storm. In particular, it just lit up the Twitter platform. Kantrowitz explains:

“A chatbot that meets the hype is finally here. Last week OpenAI released ChatGPT, a bot that converses with humans via cutting-edge artificial intelligence. The bot can help you write code, compose essays, dream up stories, and decorate your living room. And that’s just what people discovered on day one.”

Users can actually talk with ChatGPT in a conversational way and get logical and interesting responses. The chatbot can even have discussions. Katrowitz calls it “the real thing.”

“This is insane,” said Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke upon seeing the bot’s early interactions

Kantrowitz has already had the ChatGPT write a darker version of a TedTalk. And what it wrote is quite interesting if not quirky. And after he asked it to write a TED Talk extolling sitting, it prepared a six-part outline (1. Sitting has a bad reputation 2. But there are health benefits. etc.) that you could easily imagine hearing on the TED stage.

Financial Times journalist Dave Lee, for instance, had ChatGPT outline an interview about clean energy. He was impressed. “Prepping for an on-stage interview tomorrow, in a subject area I don’t typically cover,” Lee said. “This kind of tool is just 👌”

The data that ChatGPT has to reach into only goes up to 2021, so current queries are not as effective just yet. But it can deliver tutorials and travel tips, replacing some of what you might get from Google. If the bot were to start crawling the web, it could be a competitive threat to search engines (as many noted on Twitter). So it’s no wonder why Google has been so insistent on making chat core to its future.

Twitter was alive with positive comments about OpenAI ChatGPT and lots about the threat to Google.

Other tech giants, like Facebook or Microsoft, have also dived into the chatbot arena with disappointing results. So bad most people just stopped using them. This is a whole new day for chatbot enthusiasts.

While ChatGPT exceeds previous chatbots, it’s not perfect. It can provide misinformation and it won’t respond to certain controversial questions. But it does give a lot of practical information.

However, with ChatGPT, chatbot innovation is inevitable. Expect developments to continue.