Songwriter Jack Tempchin created the song ‘Ghost Car’ for Halloween, and his son used an AI program to put together the accompanying video.

Songwriter Jack Tempchin Releases ‘Ghost Car’ Video, with AI-Generated Imagery

If you have never heard of Jack Tempchin, you have undoubtedly heard tons of his songs. Tempchin wrote Peaceful, Easy Feeling which the Eagles turned into an international hit. Tempchin wrote or co-wrote several more hit records for the Eagles and other artists.

Recently Tempchin went all in on combining music writing with AI and image generating according to a new piece we found in the

He’s promoting a Halloween-themed music video that he produced, in part, with the help of AI. “Ghost Car” is streaming on YouTube, competing with zillions of other offerings for attention. In the Ghost Car, you will see James Dean driving and Marilyn Monroe riding shotgun.

He wrote the song and lyrics. Then his son, Robert, fed the lyrics into AI software, did some modifications, and produced fluid visuals that range from Dean’s head morphing into a skeleton to the night sky shattering into pieces roughly where the moon was located.

There are also lots of symbols of Halloween, from plump pumpkins to spider webs to menacing bats.

“I like Halloween because it’s about imagination and entertainment, and it’s so universal,” said Tempchin, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2019. “Along with Thanksgiving, it’s my favorite holiday.”

Novices are using virtual composition software like AIVA to create new music, too, some of which is blended into content that gets posted to platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

AI is a complex, jargon-filled world that can be hard to grasp. In simplest terms, the AI tools used by Tempchin’s son are programmed to match words and lines of text — in this case, lyrics — with countless images on the Internet. The algorithms convert this material into new images that can be further modified by artists.

Stay tuned for even more amazing songwriting and video collaborations from Jack Tempchin or millions of other enlightened artists. You can find new music by Tempchin at Jack’s Beach Jams.