Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” starring Halle Bailey, hits theaters on May 26, 2023.

Users Borrow AI Apps to Change Race of Mermaid Character in Racist Social Media Posts

When did we arrive in a world where a child’s cartoon movie is at the center of an outrageous race controversy? If you read the entire nypost.com article linked below you will see how race-obsessed Americans can become.

It all started with the Disney trailer that was released to announce the remake of The Little Mermaid. Then what can only be called strange in the least and racist in the minds of many who saw it, came this questionable Tweet. The Tweet turned a black actress mermaid into a ginger-haired white girl.

Twitter decided two users could not be part of their world after an AI scientist “whitewashed” actress Halle Bailey in “The Little Mermaid” trailer.

In addition to suspending their respective accounts, the AI guy has been blasted by other users on the site for digitally replacing Bailey — who is black — with a fake white actress.

The viral tweet circulated days after the new Disney film’s trailer reportedly received over 1.5 million dislikes on YouTube from “racist” viewers who are upset that the previously white-skinned, red-headed Ariel is now a black woman.

Twitter user @TenGazillioinIQ took that to the next level and “fixed” the clip by using AI to make the live-action fish woman white.

Not exactly politically correct. And especially not funny if in fact, that was what the original intent was, regardless of how he tries to spin it.

“I’m not racist, I just ‘fixed’ a kid’s movie by changing the main character’s race. Totally not racist,” one person mocked the users.

“Don’t want the black face, but sure to keep the black singing voice. Says everything,” another noted of the scientist’s choice to keep Bailey’s voice from the trailer.

Walt Disney Studios posted the trailer to its YouTube channel on Friday and it quickly racked up millions of views, but the company was forced to disable the dislike button after receiving 1.5 million thumbs-downs in just two days.

What do you think? The link for this questionable bit of AI usage is below.

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