Co-Founders of Flowrite, Karolus Sariola and Aaro Isosaari use their own product to tame email inundation.

Algorithm Writes Your Emails Automatically With Simple Instructions

When your quest is to reach ‘Zero Inbox” you’ll need a lot of assistance from Open AI GPT-3 API. Email is what Flowrite’s AI models have been trained on, and frustration with how much time co-founder Aaro Isosaari was having to spend composing emails was the inspiration for the startup.

If you’re the sort of person who fires off a bunch of fairly formulaic emails every day, you will want to hear about Flowrite.

What does Flowrite do exactly? It turns a few instructions (yes you do have to type these) into a fully-fledged, nice-to-read email. So where Grammarly helps improve a piece of (existing) writing, by suggesting tweaks to grammar/syntax/style, etc., Flowrite helps you write the thing in the first place, so long as the thing is email or some other professional messaging type comms.

The first question from an article we found on was posed to the CEO/inventors of Flowrite.

“Is Flowrite just Grammarly on steroids?”

And while CEO and Isosaari laughed off the question we must keep in mind Grammarly just landed some huge investments for growing its market.

How It Works

Here’s how Flowrite works: The user provides a set of basic (bullet-pointed) instructions covering the key points of what they want to say and the AI-powered tool does the rest—generating a full email text that conveys the required info in a way that, well, flows.

“In my previous work I knew that this is a problem that I had — I’d spend several hours every day communicating with different stakeholders on email and other messaging platforms,” he says. “We also knew that there are a lot more people — it’s not just our problem as co-founders; there’s millions of people who could benefit from communicating more effectively and efficiently in their day to day work.”

The one drawback the author of the article, Norma Thomas, brought up was that so far Flowrite only writes in English. But on another note, Flowrite is able to access and adjust its verbiage to match the user’s writing style. The algorithm goes back through previous emails and selects pertinent pieces to train itself on.

“We’ve built an AI powered writing tools that helps professionals of all kinds to write and communicate faster as part of their daily workflow,” Isosaari tells TechCrunch. “We know that there’s millions of people who spend hours every day on emails and messages in a professional context — so communicating with different stakeholders, internally and externally, takes a lot of work, daily working hours. And Flowrite helps people to do that faster.”

Flowrite has recently raised $4.4 million in investments while it builds further tools on top of its current algorithms. If all goes as planned, this will be a Godsend for schools, municipalities, and  HR departments nationwide.