The seven ways AI could alter reality in 2022 are explained in a article.

Forbes: 7 Major Life, Professional Changes Coming from AI in 2022

Bernard Marr, a writer for, put together a list of the seven biggest life changes he predicats will be delivered by AI in 2022. He has chosen some that are no-brainers, like autonomous vehicles or using AI to create things like art or even video games. But also more intrusive changes.

We have included a few of the major points from his article.

Augmented Work Force

As companies navigate the process of creating data and AI-literate cultures within their teams, people will work with or alongside machines to boost human abilities and skills. He expects people to be working with “an almost sentient being.” Marr says the robots won’t make mistakes and that will raise the quality of human output.

From sifting through supply chain issues to sorting through legal cases that are backed up in the courts, AI is being integrated into every business on the planet in one way or another.

AI and the Metaverse

You might have first heard the word metaverse recently when Mark Zuckerburg made the news by changing the name of his Facebook corporation to, Meta. The metaverse is the name given for a unified persistent digital environment, where users can work and play together.

The metaverse is going to allow a more immersive experience in a lot of online or digital interplay with humans. AI will undoubtedly be a lynchpin of the metaverse. It will help to create online environments where humans will feel at home by having their creative impulses nurtured.

We will also most likely become used to sharing our metaverse environments with AI beings that will help us with tasks we’re there to do, or just be our partner for a game of tennis or chess when we want to relax and unwind.

“In just about every occupation, smart tools and services are emerging that can help us do our jobs more efficiently, and in 2022 more of us will find that they are a part of our everyday working lives.”

The article highlights 5 other uses of AI that will be unleashed or have already been in play for some time. For instance, Tesla says it will have totally autonomous vehicles on the road and rolling in 2022. Creative AI is making the news every week it seems with new additions to art, music, and even creative writing. Creativity is often seen as human, by definition, but the capabilities emerging in machines show that AI is closing in on imitating “real” intelligence.

He says, in sum, that next year could be the year that humans not only accept AI in their lives, but expect AI to vastly improve their lives.