Open AI Jukebox has new competition in Boomy.

Move Over Pro Tools—AI That Anyone Can Use Will Soon Be Available

An exciting new player in the music business involves writing and recording original music with an easy-to-use program powered by a music-friendly neural network. Writer A. Tarantola reported in about the music AI start-up that will literally change the music business.

Say hello to BOOMY. Boomy is the brainchild of co-founder Alex Mitchell. He and his team took a hard look at how music gets published snd how artists are for the most part not paid very much. Mitchell thought the big-money deals are given to Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks really highlighted the lack of equality in the music business.

Then they looked at how music gets recorded in the modern world. If you aren’t familiar with a DAW, then your likelihood of getting your music recorded professionally is greatly diminished.

“You see these huge deals, like the Bob Dylan deal with the publishing rights and all this money,” Alex Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of Boomy told Engadget. “It started with a recognition that most people are going to be left out of that and it caused us to have a conversation about equity in the music industry, ‘how do we fairly remunerate artists, what’s the role of labels,’ there’s just chaos happening in the music industry right now.”

Setting up a home recording studio is no small task. Teaching oneself how to navigate the hyper-granular control schemes of professional-grade DAWs (digital audio workstations) like Ableton Live or Pro Tools can take months, if not more years, to fully master.

“We really started looking at what it takes to draw creativity out of somebody, what kind of tool can you put in their hands—where there’s so much of the process that’s semi- or fully-automated—that they can just add their own layer of humanity to it.” What they came up with was Boomy.

One Button Starts the Process

The web-based app is, essentially, a one-button music studio. Users can compose wholly original songs in around 5 to 10 minutes simply by clicking Create Song from the homepage, selecting the desired style of beat — whether that’s rap, lo-fi, experimental, or “global grooves” — and then fiddling with the composition and mix until they’re satisfied. That song can then be uploaded to any of the 40-plus streaming and social platforms where the song’s author can earn royalties based on the number of times their song is played.

The reporter who interviewed Mitchell gave his invention a try and was pleasantly amazed. In 10 minutes he had created a recording. Boomy users have created 3,538,338 songs, around 3.93% of the world’s recorded music. and that’s just in two years since launching.

The article is full of insight as to how AI programs before Boomy couldn’t do nearly as much and weren’t nearly as easy to use.