AI programs to protect schools from shootings has become far more sophisticated with time.

AI Security Systems Review Student Data for Behaviors that Could Lead to Mass Shootings

In 2017 Bark Technologies rolled out a facial recognition program that was provided free to 25 schools. Its program joined several different types of security approaches desperately being sought after several school shootings. Could AI add that extra layer of security at the scene or even predict where the next attempt might be?

An article from says some technologies could very well prevent mass murders from shootings in schools. At a time when three mass shootings occurred within a week, schools are likely nervous that they could be the next venue for an angry shooter.

Companies like Bark Technologies,, and Securly, Inc., are using a combination of AI and machine learning (ML) along with trained human safety experts to examine student data, read their emails, and in some cases, review what’s posted on their social media. The tech searches for inappropriate behavior, including online bullying, explicit messages, substance abuse, depression, and those who may pose a threat to themselves and their classmates. Any potential threat discovered triggers alerts to school administration, parents, and law enforcement officials, depending on the severity.

Is this an invasion of student privacy? That’s hard to say, although many municipalities have pulled back on using AI facial recognition tech for an assortment of reasons. One major reason is that the programs share information with multiple legal authorities.

Bark chief parent officer, Titania Jordan, says, “We found some pretty alarming issues, including a bombing and school shooting threat.”

With recent shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, perhaps more AI security really is called for even though it is a slippery slope to navigate. Responsible innovation is not an easy place to reach. But in matters of shooter security, it might be good to remember there are very sophisticated systems available.

AI-Powered Visual Gun Detection Solutions

The latest AI-powered visual gun detection tools use video AI systems that recognize firearms and immediately start security systems shutdowns and lockups. The greatest appeal for an AI video security system is that it can support and, perhaps someday, replace current forms of facility security.

Check out for additional details on AI-driven weapon detection’s remarkable abilities.