Robotic Workers, Dog Can Mash Potato and Do the Twist in Music Video

The herky-jerky movements of the early Boston Dynamics robots have been replaced by machines that are so well programmed and coordinated, they can bust a move. The best way to experience this amazing upgrade in kinetics is to watch the video.

Here’s how the sensationalist New York Post describes it:

“In the three-minute disco tech clip, three of the robotics firm’s creations — the humanoid Atlas, Spot the robot dog and box-juggling Handle —can be seen grooving in perfect unison to the Contours’ 1962 hit ‘Do You Love Me.’ The bipedal bots do the twist, Spot gyrates emphatically, and Handle wheels by in a routine seemingly too fluid to be executed by humans.

Happy New Year!

A still from the dancing robot video created by Boston Dynamics.