Twitter grows financially as global interest in its service grows.

Twitter User Numbers Explode in Wake of Racism, COVID-19 Crises

How would you like to run a business that has 1 million new customers per day?  Of course, you would. Well, it’s being done. According to data from two separate apps, Twitter saw just over a million installs on Monday and around 1 million new installs on Tuesday — making Monday the day seeing the most single-day installs since at least January 1, 2014, when the firm began recording app store data.

At its peak, U.S. installs this week were at a four-year high.’s story on Twitter’s explosive growth explains that it involved the protests and the catalysts that are known by the name, George Floyd and COVID-19.

Civil unrest due to the nationwide George Floyd protests drove Twitter to see a record number of new installs this week, according to data from two app store intelligence firms, Apptopia and Sensor Tower. While the firms’ exact findings differed in terms of the total number of new downloads or when records were broken, the firms agreed that Twitter’s app had its largest-ever week, globally.

The million customers a day trend only lasted a few days, but what a great few days they had.

Apptopia found that Twitter topped its record for installs on Wednesday with 677,000 worldwide downloads. This included a near-record download figure of 140,000 installs in the U.S., with a larger number of installs coming from international markets, including the U.K., India, Brazil, and Mexico. However, this U.S. download figure was the second-highest daily install number for the U.S. in Twitter’s lifetime, the firm said.

Many countries are also dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, with Brazil being particularly hard hit right now, which also could be fueling other increased interest in the app, given its news-driven nature. Other platforms are also seeing great numbers. Zoom is one of the tech highlights in this traumatic year of 2020.

The metrics used by Twitter’s app and others are not easy for laymen to understand. Things like, Twitter reported its app had 31 million “monetizable” daily active users (mDAUs) in the U.S. in Q4 2019, which grew to 33 million in Q1 2020. Which is a metric Twitter invented.

But it’s easy to understand a graph that has the green line going up at a steep rate. It means it was a great week for Twitter. What might make other businesses suffer, such protests and the virus, has proved to have been very beneficial to the social media giant.