A jilted man used a Phantom 3 Professional drone to harass his ex-girlfriend.

Drone Flier Broke FAA Laws in Menacing Ex

A man is facing over 30 years in jail and a $760,000 fine for using his drone as a weapon of terror against his ex-girlfriend.

Jason Muzzicato was charged this month with crimes related to possession of the firearms and explosives, as well as flying a DJI Phantom 3 drone that wasn’t registered with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Many hail drones as one of the most useful inventions of the last 50 years. Farming, law enforcement, realtors, and many other professions are making a lot of improvements in their operations using drones. But using a drone as a weapon is going to get you arrested.

Both futurism.com and gizmodo.com have both reported that the FBI also found a number of switches and devices that could trigger the release or detonation of a bomb in Muzzicato’s vehicle. People in the area also reported mysterious explosions at around the time of Muzzicato’s arrest — one man reported that a torrent of nails “suddenly dropped down from the sky.”

It turned out that the suspect had a restraining order against him as well.He could not be charged for igniting the explosives as nobody saw him do it.

According to Pennsylvania newspaper the Morning Call, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Gallagher said at the autoworker’s arraignment in federal court on Monday that Muzzicato used a drone to deliver an explosive to his ex-girlfriend’s property, and he should, therefore, remain in custody.

 “It does not take much imagination to conjure up the enormous harm that can result from the combination of illegal firearms, explosives, and drone aircrafts,” U.S. Attorney William McSwain said in a news release about the case.

Drone laws vary, but harassment tends is illegal everywhere. New FAA rules may actually make it easier to fly drones in cities and at night. Before using a drone for any purpose, however, it’s advisable to check the laws in your state as this tech toy is under different restrictions almost anywhere you fly it.

And don’t use it to bombard your ex with anything.

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