Take Me to Your Scary Tech Movies

It’s Halloween, the day of ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night. What’s really scary about this time of year is the frightening movies available across the web.

Here’s a list of  AI/robot movies you won’t want to miss⏤or do your best to avoid them if you are the sensitive type. Keep in mind that aliens surely already have quantum computers and AI, so they represent the scariest manifestation of our worst nightmares.

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey. Who doesn’t remember the calm, cool, collected voice of HAL saying ” Im sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” when it’s asked to open the hold door. Total break down of protocol for that computer.
  2. The Terminator. 1984 release. The star of the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a human cyborg from the future and begins his search for Sarah Conner by telling a biker in a group to hand over his leather jacket and bike. By the way, the bikers lost.
  3. Alien: Released in 1979. It’s a space movie that hit a home run with its monster alien. Not recommended for young kids. Pretty scary stuff, especially when the good android of the movie begins to do bad things of its own volition, and the alien decides to burst out of a crew member at just the right moment.
  4. The Collossus of New York: released in 1958. This film has funny twists and turns. The hero dies after winning the Nobel Prize. His father saves his brain to put into a robot. Things go a little haywire from there. Great old fifties scary movie.
  5. Hardware: Released in 1990. According to Rotten Tomatoes Reviews this film has a high gore value and Dylan McDermott. Maybe not much plot, but lots of gore, for sure.
  6. Blade Runner: Released in 1982. Probably the best example of smart-ass robo-cab drivers and sexy androids on film. Along with Raiders of the Lost Ark, it made Harrison Ford a household name.
  7. The Fly: Released in 1986. If this doesn’t put the fear of science in you, nothing will. Jeff Goldblum terrifies everyone in this flick with his transporter gone wrong.
  8. The Class Of 1999: Released in 1990. No they don’t party like its 1999, but this Punk Rock Cult Classic earns the title of  “bloody disgusting.” So you make the decision to watch or not. I would go for it, if I were you.
  9.  Robo Cop: Released in 1987  Perhaps the best movie ever of robotics and humanity getting together to clean up Detroit once and for all⏤until the goons in the movie come up with a really nasty robot that’s all bot and no humanity within. Also Robo Cop 2 is equally well done.
  10. Godzilla Vs, Mega Godzilla: Released in 1987. The movie is bound to please all wonky brothers and sisters. I mean you get TWO Godzillas for the price of one. And one is a robot.

So if you plan on staying in on Halloween and need a little distraction, start at the top of this list and work your way right into a schizophrenic paranoid head case. Trick or Treat!