Elon Musk smokes a spliff on the Joe Rogan show. YOUTUBE/POWERFULJRE

Elon Musk Expands on AI Worries During Talk Show

Elon Musk smoked a marijuana joint on the air with talk show host Joe Rogan for his podcast, which made news because of his discussion regarding AI.  Sam Shead wrote a piece for about the meeting.

Accodring to a story in by Sam Shead, Tesla billionaire Musk discussed “cybernetic collectives” with the California comedian during a live interview on Friday. The pair discussed topics including how climate change and artificial intelligence pose a risk to humanity.

On AI, Musk said, “It could be terrible and it could be great. It’s not clear. One thing’s for sure: we will not control it.”

It’s worth noting that AI experts dismiss Musk’s worries as overhyped scaremongering. A number of AI advances have happened in recent years, but the technology can only perform certain narrow tasks, such as playing a game like Go. Musk went on to say that platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter are already like “cybernetic collectives” made up of people and machines.

“We’re all plugged in like nodes on the network, like leaves on a big tree,” he said. “We’re all feeding this network with our questions and answers. We’re all collectively programming the AI and Google plus all the humans that connect to it are one giant cybernetic collective. This is also true of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all these social networks.”

Musk has been a voice of caution when it comes to AI and its future involvement with humanity. His counterparts, like Mark Zuckerberg, say Musk is too cautious.

Musk, who cofounded a $1 billion AI research lab called OpenAI, added that he tried and failed to get people to “slow down” and regulate AI developments. “This was futile. I tried for years. Nobody listened.”

Evidently someone was listening to Musk take a few puffs for his Tesla stock took a bit a of a dive right after his appearance.