Jesse Williams Developing Apps, Games for Black Market

A “Grey’s Anatomy” TV show star accepting an award from the Kapor Center to honor people fighting for greater representation of people of color in the tech industry, bluntly stated, “Stop excluding black people” to attendees.

Jesse Williams gave the keynote address at the second annual Kapor Center Impact Awards in Oakland, Calif., as reported in USA Today. Williams, who has fought against racial injustice in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as Flint, Mich., said the world of apps and games lack people of color creating them.

“We all need chances, access and opportunity,” Williams said. “So you can start there.”

Williams noted that only 3% of employees at Facebook are black; only 2% of employees at Google.He created a company called Ebroji with an interactive keyboard with people of all races and gender activities. He also created BLeBRiTY, a pop culture game tailored to black interests. He is on the board of a company with a mobile app, Scholly, which connects students to information on scholarships worth millions that often go unapplied for.

His company is looking to expand into gaming that appeals to the black market.