Zuckerberg Faces Off with EU Lawmakers

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized to European Parliament in Brussels over the privacy and fake news scandal on Tuesday, May 22, but avoided tough questions as lawmakers asked about prevention of similar problems.

According to stories in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, Facebook’s CEO failed to respond to questions about allowing users to opt out of targeted advertising or whether it was morally right to collect data on people who don’t use the app.


Zuckerberg promised to follow up on unanswered questions in coming days. Many in Parliament expressed disappointment with Zuckerberg’s answers, according to The Wall Street Journal story. Manfred Webber, leader of the largest group in the European Parliament, the European People’s Party, said the EU should regulate Facebook beyond guidelines already approved, because of its market dominance.

“We should discuss breaking up the Facebook monopoly,” Webber said. “Can you convince me not to do so?” he asked Zuckerberg, who only gave general responses to questions after apologizing.