China Advances Ahead of World in IoE Expansion

“China has the world’s fastest rate of growth in total IoT connections. By 2020, the number of IoT connections in the country alone will reach 8 billion. An estimated 1.08 billion of these connections will be delivered over cellular networks,” according to a story in The writers point out how far ahead China is getting when it comes to AI, IoT and most other computer-driven industries.

China Mobile is the largest Mobile Service Provider in the world, currently serving over 890 million customers. Its IoT strategy, “Big Connection,” creates an Internet of Everything (IoE), in which thousands of businesses are empowered to create billions of connected devices.

China Mobile recognized four key areas of capabilities to enable this strategy:

Explosive growth of connections: The annual growth rate of IoT connections exceeds 50%, posing new challenges to IoT operations platforms in connection capability, data governance, and security management.

High cost of decentralized operations: Existing IoT operations platforms were distributed and not centrally integrated, resulting in slow service response and high operations and management cost. The requirement was for a centralized, integrated operations platform capable of supporting a wide range of use cases.

Agile transformation of the IoT operations platform: IoT features massive connections (which are low cost and low profit) and therefore requires simpler service architecture and more agile and efficient processes to quickly satisfy the differentiated requirements of industry customers.

Capability exposure: Industry customers require that the IoT operations platforms be open enough to meet differentiated innovation requirements and develop innovative Network Applications by integrating open APIs.