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2018 Portends New Career Options

The year 2018 will be one of immense growth for anything involving AI, robotics, quantum computing and so much more.  Are you searching for a new career or to boost the one you already have? Business has put out a list of 51 companies that are expecting very big things in the year 2018.

All of these companies are “enterprise” startups, meaning they specialize in making tech for work and business use, a massive $3.7 trillion worldwide market. And all of them achieved milestones in 2017, setting themselves up for a successful 2018 and beyond.

Seeflection will show you a few of these startups, and then you can peruse the list at your leisure to see if one company is just waiting for you to submit your resume.

Name: ZapierHeadquarters: NoneFunding to date: $1.3 million, otherwise profitable and self-funded

Zapier, which makes tools for connecting business software to other business software, is somewhat of an anomaly on this list.

It took a meager $1.3 million seed round when it was founded in 2012, but Zapier hasn’t touched another dime of investor money since. That’s because it’s been profitable since 2014, and hit a $20 million annualized run rate by 2017.

On top of that, Zapier doesn’t have a headquarters. Instead, its team of around 85 people is entirely remote, working from their own homes all over the globe. Earlier this year, Zapier made headlines when it announced it would actually pay $10,000 in moving expenses for employees to leave the San Francisco Bay Area. the opposite of how it normally works.

Maybe it’s no coincidence that “Zapier” rhymes with “happier.”

Zapier: The plumbing that connects the internet

Zapier cofounders, right to left: Wade Foster, Bryan Helmig, and Mike Knoop, circa 2012.Zapier

Name: LeverHeadquarters: San FranciscoFunding to date: $72.8 million in 5 rounds

Lever, founded by former Googlers, is designed to make it easier for companies to hire top talent. It provides a set of tools to help hiring managers figure out the best times and ways to get in touch with candidates, and who the best person might be to make the initial introductions.

In the summer of 2017, Lever closed a $30 million round of funding, with plans to double down on advancing the “art and science” of hiring.

Lever: Helping companies hire the right people, at the right time

Lever CEO Sarah NahmGlassdoor/Lever

There are 49 other companies for you to review in the link below. The power of these start-up companies means that it’s still possible in 2018, for you to break out and enjoy whatever profession you choose, on your own terms.