Getting Around

Three local high school robotics teams gave a child in Michigan access to the world in spite of a disabling condition limiting mobility.

“Jeremiah was born with spina bifida,” said Danielle Nelson, Jeremiah’s mom. “So he is limited in his movement and legs and some on his right side as well. So he’s not able to crawl or walk around or anything like that.” Until  one Saturday – All thanks to the high school students from Char-EM ISD, Petoskey Paladins and Central Lake High School robotics teams.

By partnering with a company called Go Baby Go, which rebuilds child size cars for children with disabilities, the teams got started with redesigning the car to specifically suit Jeremiah.

“We took out the seat and the steering wheel that it came with and we replaced it with one that he can hold, since he has really good mobility with his left hand,” said Smith. “He will be able to steer it with his left hand and we have a button for him as the accelerator instead of petals. We modified the seat, so that it will have a harnesses for him to sit up straight and the backrest for him so that he will be comfortable.”

The teams spent weeks preparing for the build. One team mentor, Dave Hickman said that it wasn’t done from a template, they created this car just for Jeremiah’s needs. And they are already thinking of the next step in production they will need to master, in order to have the car grow along with Jeremiah.

Robotics teams build customized car for baby with limited mobility