Nvidia’s new Grace CPU Superchip helps power AI applications and speeds up data mining.

H100, Grace CPU Superchip Provide Nvidia’s Latest High Tech Magic for Speeding Processing

When it comes to the name Nvidia, there are only positive things to say. They have revolutionized so much of the high-tech universe for years. According to reuters.com, Nvidia is at it again.

Nvidia Corp (NVDA.O) on Tuesday announced new chips and technologies that it said will boost the computing speed of increasingly complicated AI algorithms, stepping up competition against rival chipmakers vying for lucrative data center business.

The company provided details of new graphic chips (GPU) that will be at the core of AI infrastructure, releasing the H100 chip and a new processor chip called the Grace CPU Superchip, based on British chip firm Arm Ltd’s technology. It’s the first Arm-based chip from Nvidia to be unveiled since its deal to buy Arm fell apart last month.

It is easy to see that the amount of data that has been collected by the various clouds of the years is beyond description in its size and content. Nvidia says it can help relieve some of that weight.

” ‘Data centers are becoming AI factories—processing and refining mountains of data to produce intelligence,’ said Nvidia Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang at Nvidia’s AI developer conference online, calling the H100 chip the ‘engine’ of AI infrastructure.”

Perhaps the H100 is the little computer chip that could speed up helping with the chip shortage problem the world is experiencing.

Introducing EOS

Nvidia’s new tool is called EOS, which it said will be the world’s fastest AI system when it begins operation later this year.

Nvidia says EOS can rescue computing time from weeks to days in certain machine training situations. Of course, all companies that come out with new computing ideas claim to offer new speeds, but Nvidia has such a proven track record, it’s expected to back up those claims about EOS.

Nvidia says it has been making plans to cash in on its automotive software, as well.

” ‘Already we have been selling software to our enterprises and this is a couple hundred million dollars today and we believe this is a growth opportunity for us,’ Kress said, adding that going forward the software business will help Nvidia’s gross margins improve at a time when chip component shortages and supply constraints have increased costs.”

Nvidia has started shipping its autonomous vehicle computer “Drive Orin” this month and Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD Co Ltd (002594.SZ) and luxury electric car maker Lucid Motors (LCID.O) will be using Nvidia Drive for their next-generation fleets. The chip competition has really heated up between Nvidia and Intel.

Executives with Nvidia say there is likely an $11 billion dollar market in just the automotive software they have developed. For now, EOS is the big news in AI this season with much more to come from Nvidia.

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