The latest iteration of the Atlas robot continues over a decade of pioneering advancements in whole-body mobility and bimanual manipulation, from testing protective clothing with PETMAN to enhancing parkour capabilities with the recently retired HD Atlas. (Source: Image by RR)

Hyundai Collaboration Marks New Testing Phase for Atlas Robot Applications

Boston Dynamics has introduced a new era in robotics with the launch of its fully electric Atlas platform, building upon decades of research and successful models like Spot and Stretch. As noted in, this new generation, replacing the hydraulic Atlas, is designed to tackle real-world applications more effectively and is poised for commercial use. Aiding in its development, Boston Dynamics is collaborating with Hyundai to leverage their upcoming automotive manufacturing capabilities as a testbed for Atlas’s applications, aiming to showcase the robot’s potential in various environments including labs and factories.

The electric Atlas is set to exceed the capabilities of its predecessors in strength and range of motion, with enhancements like new gripper variations to handle diverse and challenging manipulation tasks in different industrial settings. Boston Dynamics plans a careful rollout similar to that of Stretch, partnering with select innovative customers such as Hyundai to refine and expand Atlas’s applications. This strategy ensures that as the robot comes to market, it will meet the practical needs and challenges of its users, building on the legacy of its hydraulic version which was already capable of handling heavy, irregular objects.

Beyond hardware, Boston Dynamics has made significant strides in software development to complement the physical abilities of its robots. With new AI and machine learning tools like reinforcement learning and computer vision, Atlas is equipped to adapt and perform efficiently in complex scenarios. Additionally, the new Orbit software platform will integrate management of robot fleets, site maps, and digital transformation data, enhancing the operational capacity of Atlas alongside Spot and Stretch in enterprise applications.

The latest Atlas model not only reflects advanced robotic mobility and manipulation but also showcases Boston Dynamics’ holistic approach to robotics, combining innovative engineering with robust software solutions. The humanoid form factor of Atlas, designed to exceed human limitations, positions it uniquely for tasks in environments built for people but often deemed too dull, dirty, or dangerous for human workers. With a focus on dynamic movement and practical utility, Boston Dynamics is setting the stage for Atlas to revolutionize industries by handling complex tasks with unprecedented efficiency and adaptability.