At Figure, engineers are crafting a humanoid robot, reflecting the emergence of robots as a critical frontier in the AI industry for real-world applications. (Source: Image by RR)

Bezos, Nvidia and Microsoft Invest in $2 Billion Humanoid Robot Startup Called Figure AI

Several tech giants, including Jeff Bezos and Nvidia, are investing in a humanoid robot unicorn venture called Figure AI Inc., which aims to develop human-like robots using artificial intelligence. As noted in, the startup is raising approximately $675 million in a funding round, with a pre-money valuation of around $2 billion. Bezos has committed $100 million through his firm Explore Investments LLC, while Microsoft is investing $95 million, and Nvidia and an Amazon-affiliated fund are each providing $50 million.

The development of robots has become a crucial focus for the AI industry, allowing cutting-edge technology to be applied to real-world tasks. Figure AI Inc. is working on creating a robot, Figure 01, that closely resembles and moves like a human. The company aims to utilize its technology to perform dangerous tasks unsuitable for humans and address labor shortages in various industries.

Other technology companies involved in the investment include Intel Corp., LG Innotek, and Samsung, as well as venture capital firms like Parkway Venture Capital and Align Ventures. OpenAI, which initially considered acquiring Figure, is also investing $5 million in the venture. The funding round, initially led by Microsoft and OpenAI, attracted additional investment due to the involvement of these prominent companies.

The investment marks a significant increase over the initial funding goal of $500 million, demonstrating strong interest and confidence in Figure AI Inc.’s potential. While representatives for Figure and its investors declined to comment, sources expect the investors to finalize the funding and sign formal agreements soon.

The AI robotics industry has witnessed notable developments, with various startups working on humanoid robot projects. These include OpenAI-backed Norwegian robotics startup 1X Technologies AS, Sanctuary AI’s humanoid robot Phoenix, and Tesla’s Optimus. Amazon-backed Agility Robotics is also testing bots at its warehouses, reflecting the growing interest and investment in AI-driven robotics technologies.