Will MacBook get a touchscreen sooner than later? All signs say yes.

Apple Plans to Upgrade MacBook Pro with Touchscreen, Slim Display by 2026

The secret is out— Apple plans to add a feature to its MacBook Pro that it has resisted for years.

TA story on forbes.com written by Ewan Spence asks now that the secret is out, when will Apple start shipping touchscreen MacBook Pros?

“New details from noted Apple tipster @Tech_Reve point to Apple introducing a touchscreen to the MacBook. It’s been a long time coming—it’s a popular and accepted feature on high-end Windows laptops, yet Tim Cook and his team have been firmly against adding one to the macOS laptops.

Reports have been building around test units with such a technology for some time. A new style of construction for the touchscreen is being discussed. In the classic Apple way, it is expected to be thinner than existing screens thanks to the use of Samsung Display’s Y-OCTA and LG’s TOE hardware. These should integrate the display and the touch layer rather than having two separate parts sandwiched together.

Developers will eventually be able to write applications that will work on Macs and PCs. The touchscreen would make the MacBook more like an iPad.

Ultra Processor

Writing for Bloomberg, reporter Mark Gurman confirms that Apple is working on an M3 Ultra processor. This is likely to appear in a new work-station level Mac Studio for desktop users and drive the highly desirable Mac Pro during 2024, although I would expect these to arrive in the second half of 2024.

“Looking further out, the M4 family and the Axx chipset series found in the iPhone and iPad will move to the more efficient 2nm fabrication process. Given Apple’s ability to lock down much of the raw materials needed for 3nm chipsets, it would not surprise anyone in the industry if Tim Cook has already placed the prospective order to help kickstart the rush to 2nm.”

So instead of rushing out this year for a new Mac Pro, perhaps you might want to wait to see what other surprises 2024 might bring from Apple.

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