Meta’s social media platforms have impacted the ‘psychological and social realities of a generation of young Americans’ in a harmful way according to a lawsuit filed by 42 states. (Source: Adobe Stock)

42 States Suing the Social Media Company Meta for Allegations of ‘Harm’ to Young Users

According to a story on, at least 42 states have joined in a lawsuit against Meta for harming youth. The lawsuit states:

“Meta designed and deployed harmful and psychologically manipulative product features to induce young users’ compulsive and extended Platform use, while falsely assuring the public that its features were safe and suitable for young users.” outlined the allegations of harm as thus:

  • misleading the public about the dangers of its platforms;
  • concealing its efforts to “exploit and manipulate its most vulnerable consumers: teenagers and children;”
  • ignoring the damage caused to youth;
  • and refusing to stop the use of “known harmful features.”

The 233-page lawsuit claims that Meta’s actions violate state consumer protection laws and the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

“A Meta spokesperson responded by email to the suit stating: ‘We share the attorneys general’s commitment to providing teens with safe, positive experiences online, and have already introduced over 30 tools to support teens and their families.'”

The latest state the join the lawsuit is Washington. Some states, including California, Texas, Arkansas, Montana and Utah have already passed legislation to protect children online.