Spotify will be able to expand audiences by translating podcasts into other languages, but in the voice of the podcasters using AI. (Source: Spotify)

Podcasters’ Voices Will Be Duplicated by AI for Translation into Other Languages

In a move that will expand the reach of podcasters globally, Spotify plans to use AI to recreate their voices in speaking other languages than their native ones, according to a story on, which appeared on numerous other media outlets. On Monday, Spotify said the feature relies on OpenAI’s updates to ChatGPT.

“The company worked with podcasters such as Dax Shepard, Lex Fridman, Monica Padman, Steven Bartlett and Bill Simmons on a select number of past and upcoming episodes. Spotify said the episodes were initially translated into Spanish, French and German, and they will be available to both free users and paid subscribers in the coming days and weeks, according to the release.

“A spokesperson said these are some of the most popular languages for users who listen to podcasts on the platform, and that the pilot stage has focused first on Spanish and will ‘follow quickly’ with German and French.”

According to a story on, Apple doesn’t have a competing tool for its Podcasts platform, but that could change.

“In iOS 17, Apple added a Personal Voice feature that allows you to use AI to create a replica of your voice. Right now, this is an accessibility feature that Apple has designed for those who are at risk of losing their ability to speak, but it stands to reason that Apple could use voice replication in other areas in the future.” noted that Spotify had released an AI DJ in February and this is the latest sign of the company’s innovation. It also plans to add The Ringer’s “The Rewatchables” and Trevor Noah’s upcoming podcast to its roster.