Apple hopes to lure users to buy the new iPhone 15 with an enhanced camera and more AI features, including ones that assist blind and hearing-impaired users. (Source:

iPhone 15 Comes Packed with New AI Processor, Alterations to Benefit Disabled Users

Have you run out and gotten the new iPhone 15 yet? So many people get very excited over the launch of new phones, and Apple knows how to get folks excited enough to wait in line to get one. This week, gives us a look at the new phone and a few of its changes.

The phone comes with the A17 Pro processor, an Apple-designed chip that speeds up machine-learning algorithms. A story on called the AI features at the

launch event on September 12th “generally subtle, not mind-expanding,” instead making the device more “intuitive” rather than generative. The phone has fewer glitches and makes predictive efforts as people use it.

A new voice-isolation feature for the iPhone 15, for example, uses machine learning to recognize and hone in on the sound of your voice, quieting background noise on phone calls.

More Services Coming

By not choosing generative AI and going instead with intuitive AI Apple is reigning in the kind of tech they decided to put into iPhone 15, including more surprises, according to reports.

Additional AI-powered services will be in the updated iPhone models via the new iOS 17 operating system. They include automated transcription of voicemails, so a person can see who’s calling before picking up a phone call, and more extensive predictive text recommendations from the iPhone keyboard.

“Apple’s intuitive AI is also at work in some new accessibility features. For people who are blind or have low vision, a new Point and Speak feature in the Magnifier app will let them aim the camera at objects with buttons like a microwave and hear their phone say which their finger is touching. For people with medical conditions like ALS that can rob a person of the ability to speak, iOS 17 can create a synthetic voice that sounds like them after they read 15 minutes of text prompts.

Focusing on Cameras

Great new camera features are also part of the package.

Rather than integrating reality-distorting image generation into the iPhone or following Google’s lead and launching an ethically questionable feature that can make people disappear from photos, Apple executives yesterday lauded features that enhance reality, like a new 5X zoom on the iPhone 15, better image quality in low light, and adding spatial video shot with the iPhone 15 for Apple Vision Pro.

Experts say photo improvements are a driver of new iPhone purchases. Many more details about this phone can be found at the link below. The Apple Smartwatch has improvements, too.