The rapid growth of multiple generative AI platforms has lifted the tide of investment for all companies. Apple’s products keep it profitable as it integrates AI. (Source: Adobe Stock)

Apple Products Maintain Profitability as Company Waits Out Chat ‘HypeCycle’

Many of the stories we have shared with you in the last few months have been chock full of excitement over generative AI. OpenAI’s Chatgpt has already evolved into a newer more powerful bot as three different versions of ChatGPT are available: Legacy Chat, Default Chat ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4.

But Lief Leswing with asks this question in his latest article: Why doesn’t Apple talk about its AI?

Earnings Week Reveals

Earnings week showed the success or failure of the tech CEO’s bottom lines and their adoption of the latest AI phase.

“During calls after this week’s earnings reports, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and his team said “AI” 66 times. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his execs said it 47 times. And on Wednesday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook executive team said the magic phrase 42 times, according to a CNBC analysis of transcripts.”

But Apple CEO Tim Cook only mentioned AI twice.

Machine Learning

Apple uses the term “machine learning” instead of AI, focusing on what software does rather than where it fits into the AI universe. They tout such uses as organizing photos, improving typing and automatically populating fields in a PDF.

Apple’s approach to AI as a core underlying component instead of the future of computing represents a way to present the technology to its consumers. Apple’s AI works in the background. And the company doesn’t yell about it the way some of the other companies do “because it doesn’t need to.”

Apple Products

Apple has a great income with the iPhone and other products customers can hold in their hands. And they are not about to mess with that formula of success. The Apple iPhones generated $51.3 billion of its $94.84 billion in revenue during its fiscal second quarter. Why talk about a big AI game?

Leswig points out the hype cycle AI products go through. Going from initial excitement to overhyping the product or service that begins to lose public attention.

And while the big players have reason to be excited about their incredible new products Apple has some new additions to its offerings as well. The article will give you plenty of links and information to measure some of the tech wizards’ numbers from this year’s computer revolution. But Tim Cook of Apple sums up the gist of the article with the quote below.

Apple is unlikely to discuss AI at length next week as its mega-cap rivals did this week. During Apple’s earnings call in May, when asked about the technology, Cook quickly moved the conversation back to the company’s products and features.

“We view AI as huge and we’ll continue weaving it in our products on a very thoughtful basis,” Cook said.