Netflix, facing off with actors and writers over AI, is seeking to fill well-paying AI positions at the company immediately. (Source: PixaHive)

Netflix Offers High Salaries to AI Professionals in Bid to Finish Programs

The fear of robots taking our jobs years ago has morphed into the fear that AI will take our jobs. It turns out most of that fear was completely unnecessary. An article shows some of the highest-paying jobs currently being offered are the result of AI directly.

Netflix is confident that strikes from Hollywood writers and actors will eventually work out, but until they do, the company is seeking to fill AI job openings.

In July, Netflix posted a job listing for a product manager on its Machine Learning Platform (MLP). The starting salary ranges from $300,000 to $900,000. The role, which is still open, intends to “increase the leverage” of Netflix’s machine learning program.

The product manager role will involve utilizing AI across all aspects of Netflix’s business, including content acquisition and personalizing user recommendations. That is a more than decent salary in the digital world.

But that’s not the only offer that is open at Netflix. Separately, Netflix is also hiring a technical director in its Game Studio, focusing on AI/ML technology. The starting salary is $650,000.

AI to Fill in Actors’ Roles

With Netflix being a leading mover and shaker in the movie industry, you might imagine the actors’ and writers’ strikes would be hard on their bottom line. But the positions Netflix is advertising rely on the ability of AI to fill in the holes that the strikes produce in movie production. Actors are already being asked to give their image up forever so that AI can reproduce it where it might be needed in a film.

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, the national executive director and chief negotiator of the actors union SAG-AFTRA, called the emergence of AI an “existential threat” to actors’ livelihoods, Business Insider reported.

The strikers are fighting for regulation around the use of AI for creation, saying it should only be a tool to supplement ideas, but not a means to replace writers. While not all streaming services have taken an official stance on AI, HBO CEO Casey Bloys has spoken out against it.

“The idea that AI would be involved in any sort of development or the creative process in the kinds of shows that I do, or we do, at HBO, that’s not something I want to be a part of,” Bloys told Variety in June.

AI Provides Jobs in Other Fields

AI has become an increasingly sought-after skill, with some companies shelling out base salaries well into six figures for the job. In April, a report by ResumeBuilder, which surveyed 1,187 business leaders in the U.S., found that 91% of leaders who were hiring were looking for workers with ChatGPT experience.

If you want to find a career in AI,  must become familiar with chatbots and in particular ChatGPT, along with the new versions of this OpenAI product. The survey also found that one in four employers said the starting salary for AI “prompt engineers” will exceed $200,000, and 17% said it will exceed $300,000.

“The internet is now populated with plenty of tutorials to build ChatGPT skills,” said chief career advisor at ResumeBuilder, Stacie Haller, in the report. “Those who take advantage of learning this new technology will pull ahead of other candidates.”

It could not be any clearer. This paradigm shift in AI is staggering and is affecting the workplace across the board. To be successful, you have to know AI.