These promotional images are advertising the AI Profile photo generation app. (Source: SNOW)

AI Profile Gives South Korean Millennials Professional Head Shots for Lower Prices

Vanity, thy name is AI.

Smartphone filter apps have become a standard of use for many people, but now generative AI can do far more to improve an image. In South Korea, an app called AI Profile by a company called SNOW creates a perfect synthetic photo of a person for a job profile image.

AI Profile’s high-quality AI-generated photos can be compared to those by studios—but there’s no Photoshop or airbrushing involved. By uploading 10 to 20 facial images, users can obtain a profile photo of their liking, choosing from various short or long-hair preferences for hairstyles and makeup styles.

Since its release by SNOW on May 25, AI Profile has gained tremendous popularity, causing temporary service disruptions due to heavy traffic.

It’s Inexpensive

The service comes in two variants: the primary product, priced at 3,300 KRW (2.55 USD), delivers results within 24 hours, while the premium product, costing 6,600 KRW (5.09 USD), guarantees quick results within an hour.

Traditional studio photography for profile pictures with a colored background costs up to 100,000 to 200,000 KRW, making AI Profile an affordable alternative that spares individuals from visiting a photo studio.

Lee (age 26), a job seeker who tried the AI Profile service, shared,

“Since everyone around me had given it a shot, I was curious about the results. I made an AI profile using a picture I had taken previously. Though it may seem far-fetched, if the service continues to improve, eliminating the need for a photo studio, I believe these photos could be used for resumes or resident registration cards.”

But Is It Legal?

As the interest in AI profiles continues to surge, some wonder, “Can we use these photos for official documents like resumes and portfolios?” Experts, however, advise against using AI profiles for purposes like resumes.

Government authorities in various agencies are against AI photos being submitted for government paperwork.

An official from Job Korea, an employment platform, remarked,

“While some adjustments are made even to studio-taken photos, AI-generated photos differ significantly.” They emphasized the importance of submitting professionally taken photos for this reason.

According to surveys managers for various corporation claim that looking perfect is not as important in a job interview as being confident and capable to do the job.

Various AI profile apps are available in the United States, as well, including YouCam Perfect, Lensa AI, FacePlay and Remini.