Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky is all in on using generative AI in his business. (Source: Airbnb via Wikimedia Commons)

Chesky Says 30% of Minor Tasks at Airbnb Will Go to AI Within 6 Months

Not everybody who is involved in the recent leap that generative AI has made in the AI universe is afraid of its power. Brian Chesky the CEO of Airbnb is positively ecstatic about the new world of chat-capable AI. Chesky thinks entrepreneurship is also on the verge of making big advancements.

It isn’t hard to find stories about the downside of the new AI. From deepfakes to hyper phishing capabilities and more, of course, there is reason to be cautious with this powerful new tool.

Since ChatGPT started gaining popularity last winter, tech icons from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban have admitted they’re worried that AI will replace human workers in just about every industry.

But they’re forgetting something, Chesky recently told the “This Week in Startups” podcast:

“We don’t even know what kinds of jobs it’ll create. It’s easier to imagine what jobs will be displaced than what jobs would be created. That [would] require us to conceive of what doesn’t exist.”

No More Software Tech Barriers

The fact that ChatGPT has appealed to more than 100 million users tells us that the average Joe can and will operate these systems. And with just their voice.

As AI evolves, you’ll be able to tell chatbots in plain English what you want in a website and technology will build it for you, no coding languages required, the Airbnb CEO said.

“I think this is going to create millions of startups … entrepreneurship is going to be a boon,” Chesky said. “Anyone can essentially do the equivalent of what software engineering only allowed you to do five years ago.”

It is not hard to imagine chatbots being able to understand any major world language, not just English. Chesky is joined by many CEOs in believing that tech will be more efficient than humans in doing jobs.

RSE Ventures CEO Matt Higgins wrote for CNBC Make It last week. “AI can be a great tool for making money, and it sure as hell beats selling flowers on street corners.”

The article takes an optimistic tone, but AI is moving too quickly for anyone to accurately forecast the future, including its pitfalls. But Chesky asserts that if companies don’t adapt at a similar pace, they risk getting left behind.