Natalie Nixon, a public speaker and author on creativity, writes that generative AI could be a great tool for enhancing work creativity, (Source:

Creativity Author: AI May Enable Workers to Spark Ideas, Boost Abilities in the Office

An essay on by Natalie Nixon explores how AI is not to be feared, but might actually help people increase their creativity with its assistance. Nixon, Ph.D., is a  creativity strategist, global keynote speaker, the author of the award-winning  ”The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition at Work,”  and the  president of  Figure 8 Thinking.

“The great news is that as basic tasks get done by AI and bots, the opportunity is to redesign work and different metrics for productivity that will make room for what makes us uniquely human. Think of what a workplace looks like where technology is not only doing mundane tasks but it is also prompting us to engage in our emotions, our intuition, our creativity.”

Nixon writes that the “heterotopia” mindset views AI as a creative tool that can enhance our abilities for writing, creating graphics and art and in other areas. She said that we have to ask some questions to make AI work for us. To wit:

  • How do we leverage existing people’s work while giving the people who originated the idea their due credit?
  • How do we ensure ethics and accountability?
  • Is our imagination under threat with this injection of generative artificial intelligence?

She claims that the last question is the one that needs to be debunked because AI will still need human guidance in order to assist with solutions. Also that AI can discover patterns, but it needs humans to understand the meaning of the patterns.

Nixon said that AI will be a creative booster to spark imagination and help us to ask better questions.