The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of several Android phones that has the Google search engine built in.

Google to Gear Up Chatbots to Keep $145B Mobile Search with Samsung, Apple

According to a story in The New York Times, Google is scrambling to put together numerous chatbots for its mobile carrier customers, which include Apple and Samsung. The story says the companies offerings as part of a larger project called “Magi” could include:

  • A flagship, fully-featured conversational chatbot for search that could include ad inserts between answers
  • what sounds like a context-aware browsing assistant housed in a Chrome extension
  • GIFI, an image generation engine based in Google Image search
  • Tivoli Tutor, a conversation-driven language learning medium

With two major contract renewals for preferred search engine status pending on Samsung and Apple devices—the search engine company is panicking and offering multiple new options to the companies. Samsung is said to be considering a switch to Bing because of its ChatGPT connection. The Samsung contract is estimated to generate $3 billion in search revenues a year. Apple’s deal cost Google $9 billion in 2018, but generates $20 billion.

A story on spelled out the issues between Samsung, which produces a variety of mobile phone products based on the Android operating system. According to the publication, the chatbots will likely be unveiled at the Google I/O conference for developers starting May 10, with “a slow rollout exclusive to the United States throughout the year — specifically, as many as one million users to start out and up to 30 million by 2024.”

The story also further speculated on the Magi chatbot:

“The search chatbot component of Magi does not have a release schedule — and for good reason, as early-stage generative AI is still prone to influence by disinformation and misinformation — though Google had been looking for volunteers within the company to test out features last week. A source says about 160 employees are working full-time on Magi.”

The new Google strategy to compete with ChatGPT on Bing will become more apparent in May after the Google I/O conference.