Spotify is offering ” an AI DJ in your pocket.” (Source: Spotify)

Feature Will Play Your Favorite Songs Along with AI-Generated DJ Commentary

We suppose we could have seen this feature coming. A DJ driven by AI plays song lists but adds a running commentary about the music and artists. Hopefully, it won’t sound like a robot trying to sound like a human.

According to a piece from, more important news is coming from Spotify.

Ahead of Spotify’s upcoming Stream On event, where the company is expected to announce a redesigned home feed and other updates, the company today launched a new AI feature called “DJ” to better personalize the music listening experience for its users. Similar to a radio DJ, Spotify’s DJ feature will deliver a curated selection of music alongside AI-powered spoken commentary about the tracks and artists you like, using what Spotify says is a “stunningly realistic voice.”

The idea, explains the company, is for Spotify to get to know users so well that the DJ can choose what to play for you when you hit the button.

Or, as Spotify says, it’s putting an “AI DJ in your pocket.”

This OpenAI-powered feature, however, is not quite ready for prime time just yet. It’s still in beta testing and is only available in English for Spotify Premium subscribers in the U.S. and Canada.

For years, Spotify has led the market with its personalization technology, launching its flagship playlist Discover Weekly back in 2015 to immediate success. This was then followed by a number of other playlists designed to cater to the end user’s unique preferences, including Release Radar, Daily Mixes, Your Time Capsule, Blend, and those aimed at specific activities, like commuting or working out, among other things. In more recent years, Spotify has also become a trendsetter with its personalized annual review, Spotify Wrapped, which has since been copycatted by its rivals.

How It Works

As listeners engage with the new DJ feature, they’ll be presented with a personalized stream of songs that will include both more recent tracks and old favorites. This stream will be continually refreshed, we understand. As they listen, they’ll also hear commentary directly followed by the song it’s referring to. Here is a sample:

“This week, Chicago rapper Polo G teams up with Atlanta’s Future for his first release of the year. This also marks the pair’s first collaboration, but they’re united by production from Southside, who has worked extensively with both and is said to be responsible for most of the music on Polo’s upcoming project.”

To access the DJ, you’ll head to the Music Feed on the Home page of Spotify’s iOS or Android app then tap Play on the DJ card to begin. The DJ will then begin to play a lineup of music and short commentary.

Also, this Spotify DJ is being rolled out in selected markets so it may be a while before it hits your area.