EOptimizer Can Boost Cellphone Battery Life by 30%, Reduce Carbon Footprint

An invention from the University of Essex could be a game-changer for tech companies and manufacturers of products with batteries built in.

The story on scitechdaily.com tells how the EOptomizer app could help reduce carbon emissions by extending the life of consumer goods with software that increases the efficiency and dependability of batteries in phones, tablets, automobiles, smart fridges, and laptops. Extending battery life will help delay how often consumers need to purchase carbon-footprint-producing replacements.

Developed by former Samsung, Microsoft, and HCL Technologies employees, the software uses AI to optimize chip performance, heat generation, and efficiency. Led by Dr. Amit Singh from Essex’s School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, the AI app analyzes how an app is being used throughout the day and optimizes energy use.

“We are so excited to showcase what we have been working on to some of the biggest companies in the world,” Singh said. “It is our hope that this app will help make everyone’s life better, save them money, and help save the environment. This will be the first step on what we hope is a journey that will see our app in the hands of consumers across the globe. Considering approximately 50 billion devices by 2025 and many more thereafter, EOptomizer has great potential to help to achieve net zero emissions goal of the UK and the whole world.”

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