Digital Tarot Cards created by Swedish artist known ss supercomposite.

Man Makes New Addition to the World of Collectible AI Art

Abby Lee Hood wrote a story for about a Swedish man who exploded on Twitter by creating AI-generated tarot cards—very mysterious cards, according to reviewers.

An edgy Swedish musician and AI enthusiast who is known as Supercomposite used an AI to create hundreds of creepy new tarot cards—and has been blasting them on Twitter for days, in a delightful barrage of occult-flavored machine learning.

The artist is using an AI called Looking Glass, which debuted last year and was made by Twitter user ai.curio. Some cards have humanoid characters with holes for faces, some feature monstrous-looking creatures in bloody shades of red, and some are creepy simply because they seem uncannily like tarot cards at first glance.

The digital images aren’t printed—yet.

Tarot cards are thought to have come from the mid-15th century and originally they were found in France and used to give guidance and predictions for someone’s life, love and/or fortune.

These digital cards are turning into quite a success for Supercomposite. The Twitter world has really reacted to his idea.

“Honestly using AI for divinatory purposes makes perfect sense to me,” one user commented.

No matter what fandom or hobby you fall into, there’s probably some kind of related wacky AI art you can create, and why wouldn’t you? Who knows, you might stumble on something people want to share as much as these scary tarot cards.

AI art is becoming a collectible item. Whether it’s tarot cards or NFT’s. There is a lot of investors out there that are more than willing to own one-of-a-kind digital creation. What’s next? Maybe AI created playing cards with the Queen of Hearts given an algorithm makeover. As Monty Python used to quip: “And Now For Something Completely Different.”