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AI Views of Christmas from Tongue-in-Cheek Cartoons to Laughable Neural Network Scripts

It’s nearly Christmas and the AI humor abounds among those who enjoy the possibilities of how it can be applied to the holiday. Plus, involving AI itself in creating original Christmas songs and stories is alternatingly horrifying and hilarious. Here are some examples of AI holiday cheer.

Don’t take it too seriously. Please.

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A Horrible, Weird and Funny Take on Christmas

This video is the strangest thing we found relating to Christmas. It’s more fitting for a horror flick than a cheerful Christmas ditty. Surreal Entertainment created it. Fitting name. “Christmas attacks soon.” Eek.

Songs You’ll Never Want to Sing

Researchers from the University of Toronto trained a recurrent neural network with over 100 hours of Christmas songs. Here is a song inspired by an image of a Christmas tree.

A Sydney, Australia-based music company, Uncanny Valley collaborated with academic partners from UNSW and Griffith University and a bank of computer servers to create an original Christmas Carol entitled, “Santa Claus is Coming to Little Lord Moses.” Weird and wonderful!

Here’s a whole array of bizarre AI carols.

AI Christmas Movie Quiz

We were able to figure out at least one of the Christmas movies these AI-generated abstract art pieces are supposed to represent (The Grinch), but we’ll let you guess the other two. Click on the answer numbers in thetoyzone.com story to get your answers.

In spite of the AI weirdness, have a Happy Holiday—at least happier than an AI’s version.

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