Grimes performing at Lollapalooza in 2016. (Source: WikiMedia)

Musk’s Significant Other Offends AI Supporters, Rightwingers & Communists with TikTok

What would the world of AI, or cryptocurrency, or space ships be without Elon Musk? And now his partner, Claire Boucher who goes by the name Grimes, has added her two cents to making those headlines with a viral tweet about communism and AI. Hard to imagine those two words being in the same sentence much less multiple paragraphs.

If you aren’t familiar with the video referenced here is some of what has set the TikTok world on edge. Here is how covered it.

Grimes is making waves on social media after delivering a plea for communists to get on board with artificial intelligence.

The musical artist took to TikTok on Wednesday to share a video of herself explaining why she considers AI “the fastest path to communism.”

“I have a proposition for the communists,” said Grimes, 33. “So, typically, most of the communists I know are not big fans of AI. But, if you think about it, AI is actually the fastest path to communism.”

According to Grimes, “if implemented correctly,” artificial intelligence could “theoretically solve for abundance.”

“Like, we could totally get to a situation where nobody has to work, everybody is provided for with a comfortable state of being, comfortable living,” she continued. “AI could automate all the farming, weed out systemic corruption, thereby bringing us to, as close as possible, genuine equality.”

And while half of her followers exploded at her for mentioning communism in any form, she is not entirely wrong. If AI could do all the things Grimes mentioned, imagine what kind of world that would look like.

Not Everybody Agreed

Other viewers pointed out that Musk, Grimes’s boyfriend and the father of her child, is the third wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of $150 billion, according to Forbes. So her push for economic equality falls somewhat flat when considering her own lavish lifestyle.

“Just to be clear here the girlfriend of a billionaire who is currently vying for the most wealth ever amassed in history is arguing that AI will somehow bring us Communism, thereby forcing her bf to share his wealth with the rest of us? Like, couldn’t he just do that whenever?” wrote Twitter user @ibvanmat.

“Why is GRIMES of all people talking about communism?” asked another.

Well, you can’t please all the people all of the time.  Especially on social media of any kind. She ended her comment with this:

 “So basically, everything everybody loves about communism but without the collective farm — ’cause, let’s be real, enforced farming is really not a vibe.”

She is right. It’s really not a good vibe. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt the stock prices of any of Musk’s companies.