An IBM Watson Health system that analyzes MRI brain scans and prioritizes care is among the many health advances that will become more critical in 2021. (Source: IBM Watson Health)

AI Expert Predicts New Adoption of Programs, Expansion of Medical Uses

Several publications have made forecasts about 2021 and its potential for growth, but no area holds more promise than AI, according to numerous such prognostications. One of the latest from Evan Sparks, CEO of Determined AI, has AI making inroads in four main areas: cloud computing, medical tech, Chip deals and expansion into new areas not yet touched.

Sparks wrote his forecast for

Cloud Computing

A race to dominate in-cloud AI is on, according to Sparks, who predicts that AI software developers like Google and Amazon will fight to control markets with their former middlemen–Cloud Service Providers. Sparks says the cloud providers and AI-chip makers will jockey for sales against each other.


AI will become increasingly integral to advances in healthcare, from x-ray and MRI reading to drug and vaccine development. He notes that AlphaFold, which predicts how proteins fold, will likely speed up the process of drug development.

Chip Deals

Large companies will do deals with other countries, despite the objections of some governments.

Business Transformation

Transportation, hospitality and dining will be transformed by digital evolution to stay competitive, after learning the lessons of the pandemic that relying on old-fashioned strategy is a losing game.

“There’s simply too much opportunity to ignore, and those that don’t embrace automation will find themselves falling behind,” Sparks wrote. “I see a similar path for AI. The industries best equipped to embrace digital transformation were those who were digital-first: internet companies, telecom, etc. What industries are likely to embrace AI first? Those with data-driven decision making as central to how they operate: think internet companies, pharmaceuticals, finance, and others.”

Sparks said he thinks airlines will use AI to predict food consumption and hospitality and healthcare companies will automate tasks, like data collection and categorization.