AI helps job hunters avoid lines and find the right position.

AI Tools Can Help Job Hunters in Restarting Their Personal Economy

For many people, the COVID-19 virus has occupied a major, ongoing space in our minds for the last 6 months. Besides the terrible loss of more than 170,000 lives and the prospects of more to come, a staggering number of jobs have disappeared across all levels of society.

That means more people are job hunting. While some still look in the want ads or online, others are benefiting from algorithms. published an article by Stewart Black, a professor of management practice in global leadership and strategy at INSEAD, and Patrick van Esch, a senior lecturer in marketing at the AUT Business School of Auckland University of Technology, about using AI to facilitate job searches. Usually, job seekers apply to lots of openings and companies at the same time. That means two choices: save time by sending each one a mostly generic resume, with minor tweaks for each, or take the time and effort to adjust and tailor their resumes to better fit specific jobs.

“Today, AI tools can help customize your resume and cover letter for you. They can tell you what capabilities you might want to add to your resume, show how such additions would influence your chances of being hired and even rewrite your resume to better fit a specific job or company. They can also analyze you, the job, and the company and craft a customized cover letter. What’s more, our research suggests it can make the whole process of finding and changing jobs much less painful, more effective, and potentially more lucrative.”

To see what jobs are listed, people used to go to job boards like, type in some keywords, and then get back as many as thousands of open positions, depending on the keywords used. It’s a time-consuming process to comb through that.

“Today, with AI and companies like EightfoldSkillroads, and Fortay, it is less about job search and more about matchmaking. You answer a few questions about your capabilities and preferences and provide a link to your LinkedIn or other profiles. AI systems that have already logged not just open jobs but also analyzed the companies behind the openings – based on things like reputation, culture, and performance – then produce match reports showing the best fits for you in terms of job and company.”

Human resource departments focus on finding the right people as a “business priority,” because of the need to identify those who can bring “value” and “competitive advantage” to a company.

Organizations are beginning to adopt and capitalize on the functionality of AI in their recruitment processes. However, little is known about how potential candidates regard the use of AI and whether or not it influences their likelihood to apply for a job. Companies that use AI for recruiting tend to find better matches, according to the story.

If you are looking for work or perhaps are a former teacher looking in a new field, we recommend reviewing the link to the article below. A number of other resources are listed in the article, giving insight into today’s job markets and how best to find the right position.