LG has produced a new version of its rollout TV screen, that does not need to be mounted on the wall.

2019 Show Delivers with 8K TVs, Foldable Phones

The previews of the CES 2019 line-up of products were being pooh-poohed by some industry wonks just before the doors were to open. They predicted a repeat of 2018. Rumors of the show’s demise were premature. The show was a hit for attendees who visited the thousands of entrepreneurs, established high-tech leaders.

In addition, hope-filled vendors with a dream showed their best and brightest ideas to the crowd. Here are some of the amazing devices and upgrades you missed if you decided not to attend this year.

8K TV was big this year at The CES 2019 Show in Las Vegas. The giants like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic all showcasing new and updated TVs, foldable smartphones, tech wearables and more.  Some TVs that roll out like a tube and measure 65 inches in screen size.

Those that attended the event found lots of cool stuff and some weird stuff.

The weird stuff included diaper monitors, walking cars, and even a wooden deep breathing device.

C/Net’s Take Away

Here is a list from cnet.com that will give you some insight into what they found notable.

Best TV: LG OLED R rollable TV

Best car tech: Audi/Disney Holoride

Best smart home tech: KitchenAid Smart Display

Best AI/smart assistant: Google Assistant with extensive 2019 upgrades, including Interpreter Mode and Google Assistant Connect

Best beauty tech: P&G Opte Precision Skincare System 

Best emerging tech: Matrix PowerWatch 2 

Best health tech: Omron HeartGuide

Best PC: Acer Swift 7

Best gaming gear: Alienware Area 51m

Best AR/VR tech: HTC Vive Pro Eye

It might be hard to believe, but Apple has never made an appearance at CES. This year, however, they had their brand seen by attendees, at least, with a huge billboard on the side of a Marriot hotel.

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