Wide Range of Gift Options for Tech Lovers in 2018

Back in the mid-2010s, the gift tech lovers coveted most was the latest iPhone. Now, not so much. For one thing, many of the knock-offs aren’t much different, for another, smartphones don’t change as radically from year to year as they once did, making them less exciting as the next new thing.

Instead, most of the top tech lists have a range of phone and tech peripherals, from wireless and noise canceling headphones to quality smart speakers to more sophisticated displays for personal digital assistants, like Alexa and Google. Depending on the buyer’s budget, the items can range from about $150 to over a thousand.

CNET put together its best tech gifts list focusing on a price range $100 to $250. It did recommend one low-cost high-tech phone, the Motorola Moto G6, an Android-based smartphone with dual rear cameras, which sells for as little as $150 at Best Buy. The story also recommended the Sonos One “smart speaker,” which performs well and connects with multiple voice assistants. The price tag ranges from $180 to $200. Another CNET gift guide includes all tech price ranges, including computers that cost as much as $1,799.

CNET’s editors’ favorites included Google Home Hub, Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones and for value, Amazon Echo Dot, the third generation, for only $24.

New York magazine also highlighted numerous gifts under $50 that geeks love, from a wallet tracker chip to an Alexa- or Amazon Echo-based smart talking bass that will answer back.

Men’s Health magazine went for the slightly higher end tech market with the Nest Learning Thermostat at more than $200, the Sony Wireless Speaker with Google Assistant and the RYLO 360 Degree Video Camera.

Meanwhile, Men’s Journal highlighted the AAXA P300 Neo Smart Projector for over $300, which is a compact system with a great picture for its size. The iRobot Roomba i7, a much sleeker and more powerful automated vacuum cleaner. Selling for more than $700, Marshall Mid A.N.C. headphones ($150+) and Fitbit Charge 3 round out their higher end “coolest gadgets” list.

Even the Today Show weighed in with its picks, which includes a Parrot Drone ($67), an Oculus Go headset ($199) and a Foreo Luna Mini Silicone Face Brush ($99), which the brand claims “brightens complexions after just 1 minute of use twice per day.” Other options included Amazon Echo speakers ($120), a Furbo dog camera ($200) and a waterproof sports cam ($55) from Amazon.