Tapping into Likes, DisLikes in Social Media Marketing

The International Data Center (IDC) predicts that by 2020, the accumulated volume of big data will reach 44 trillion gigabytes. With such an enormous amount of big data available, marketers can mine it to create incredibly well-targeted social media approaches.

The status updates, photos and videos posted by users on their social network contain useful information about their demographics, likes, dislikes and other data. Businesses are using this information, managing and analyzing it to get a competitive edge. Big data is used by marketers to plan for future social media campaigns by learning everything they need to know about their potential customers and approaching them. This post will throw light on the application of big data on social media marketing, examining its current as well as future impact.

This mass personalization lets brands approach customers in a more personalized way based on their choices and likes. It gives in-depth insights and a holistic understanding of the audience, which enables tailored communication, so they can enhance retention and elevate trust.

By deriving actionable insights from big data, businesses get an idea about the peak timings of customers, their preferences, behavior, etc., leading to increased effectiveness of the social media campaign. Marketers can get important information about the process their clients took right from the first stage of the buying cycle to post-purchase interaction, making them fine-tune the campaign at every stage of the cycle.