We May Be Saved If We Let AI Run the World

This may sound radical, but I’ve reached a conclusion for why AI, Robotics, VR and all of the other magical devices we are inventing are here, necessary and hopefully unstoppable when they finally gain control of the world. We can’t save ourselves any longer and we realize that. So we are inventing things that will take the place of other humans, and using these devices to rebuild the planet Earth. One that is unemotional, mostly logical and far more entertaining.

After the debacle of the last several presidential elections, and the out right viciousness that turns people into political pawns, it has become clear to me that we are indeed at the end of the human experience and it’s time to move into the hybrid experience. Part computer, part machine, part human. For now.

Autonomous vehicles and virtual assistants are only the beginning. Robots like the ones on the Jetsons TV show will be here next. Probably sleeker looking that Rosie the robotic maid, but just as efficient with housework and cooking.

And AI, blended with robotics will produce the perfect political candidates. Without all the messy quirks that humans have while running for or residing in office.

It would eliminate all the nasty little idiosyncrasies we seem to put up with. The cheating, the stealing, the drinking, the drugging, the lying, the back-stabbing. Also all of the typical political crap we have streaming before our eyes daily, nightly, and all nightly. These seven or more deadly sins have become part and parcel of governments around the globe, including predators and missing children. All the disgusting things that humans have allowed to advance into our civilizations can be done away with by the blending of AI and robotics. Could you imagine the difference in our existence here?  Even the idea of Robocop is looking good to me these days, when it didn’t used to.

We have the technology to do so much more than we can. There is no need for hunger or lack of medical care for anyone on the planet. It could be solved with in a year when the hybrids take control of the decision-making process. If it’s illogical, it should not happen. And AI can be taught to avoid illogical actions on behalf of the humans.

How many times have you looked at an issue or a problem in your state, city, or town, and said, “I could have done it better and would have done it in such and such manner?” Of course you have, many times. Chances are good that your way of doing something and dealing with a problem might have been the right way, the better way.

The right AI system, combined with the right algorithm, will be able to make corrections in real-time and promote the proper path through a problem.

The very fact that hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions of people argue daily about the shape of the earth gives me pause, as well. Both sides have great points to back up their position. For us laymen, who have always been told it is a spinning ball, it may or may not make sense that the earth could be flat. However, I guarantee AI can tell Alexa the right answer and she can tell us.

Can you imagine the number of mysteries we will solve in the next 20 years? Its going to shake the very foundation of every belief system. It will change everything of earth and in the solar system perhaps. Who knows? AI will.

I was not a fan of, nor did I understand much about AI, robotics, neural networks, quantum computing and such until recently. I have learned just enough to believe 50% of the reason these brilliant men and women are inventing things that will take over certain jobs, or that can do better surgeries, is because like me they are sick and tired of poor excuses, and black-hearted people doing less than optimal things to us and our world. Sure, the money doesn’t hurt, but I know look forward to being fitted for my brain assist servo/motherboard to be inserted.

I look forward to most of the world being equally equipped. Something in me says it has to be an improvement.