Major Tech Companies Finding Irish Gold

Writer Allison Coleman got a great assignment from, when she was asked to write about Ireland and its efforts to be a computer heavyweight in Europe as well as the world. The Emerald Isle has a great head start with amazing growth of Irish computer and tech companies.

Ireland is brimming with tech talent, which is evident in the quality of the many tech startups that continue to emerge from the Emerald Isle, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Here are two of the five most exciting and potentially influential Irish AI startups listed in Coleman’s story:


Founded in 2015 by Romanian entrepreneurs Andreea Wade and Adrian Mihai, Opening is an AI-powered engine that is disrupting the talent acquisition space by enabling recruiters and HR professionals to ensure that important resumes are not overlooked.

Opening creates shortlists of suitable candidates for each job, ranking the most relevant, predicting salaries and providing other valuable insights and data. The technology can analyze thousands of pieces of content about potential candidates, matching them to their ideal jobs in seconds. According to Opening’s website, the hiring time for candidates is cut by up to 40%, a bonus for time-pressed recruiters who must fill positions with talent ASAP. The technology is particularly helpful to large organizations that get thousands of CVs for a single job vacancy. Last year, the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) invested 30,000 euro in the company.


LogoGrab, which took first prize in the 2017 Google Adopt a Startup Spring program, has worked with major brands such as McDonald’s, Heineken, eBay and Nestlé. One of Ireland’s leading AI companies, Soapbox Lab, is using smart voice recognition technologies to help children learn to read. Its technology can spot mistakes as they work their way through the pages of a book. While children read out loud, devices and apps enabled by the SoapBox technology provide real-time feedback that helps to improve reading skills while tracking overall progress.

Three other Irish companies covered in the article include Popertee, Noritas and Soapbox Labs.